Lezyna Speed & Cadence sensor: Lezyne S&C 249 and

$ ./ fd:df:0e:4e:76:cf random
Connecting to: fd:df:0e:4e:76:cf, address type: random
Service <uuid=Generic Access handleStart=1 handleEnd=7> :
    Characteristic <Device Name>, hnd=0x2, supports READ WRITE 
    -> 'Lezyne S&C 249'
    Characteristic <Appearance>, hnd=0x4, supports READ 
    -> '\x85\x04'
    Characteristic <Peripheral Preferred Connection Parameters>, hnd=0x6, supports READ 
    -> '\x80\x02H\x03\x00\x00\x90\x01'
Service <uuid=Cycling Speed and Cadence handleStart=12 handleEnd=22> :
    Characteristic <CSC Measurement>, hnd=0xd, supports NOTIFY 
    Characteristic <CSC Feature>, hnd=0x10, supports READ 
    -> '\x07\x00'
    Characteristic <Sensor Location>, hnd=0x12, supports READ 
    -> '\x04'
    Characteristic <SC Control Point>, hnd=0x14, supports INDICATE WRITE 
Service <uuid=Generic Attribute handleStart=8 handleEnd=11> :
    Characteristic <Service Changed>, hnd=0x9, supports INDICATE 
Service <uuid=00001530-1212-efde-1523-785feabcd123 handleStart=30 handleEnd=65535> :
    Characteristic <00001532-1212-efde-1523-785feabcd123>, hnd=0x1f, supports WRITE NO RESPONSE 
    Characteristic <00001531-1212-efde-1523-785feabcd123>, hnd=0x21, supports NOTIFY WRITE 
    Characteristic <00001534-1212-efde-1523-785feabcd123>, hnd=0x24, supports READ 
    -> '\x01\x00'
Service <uuid=Battery Service handleStart=23 handleEnd=26> :
    Characteristic <Battery Level>, hnd=0x18, supports NOTIFY READ 
    -> 'd'
Service <uuid=Device Information handleStart=27 handleEnd=29> :
    Characteristic <Manufacturer Name String>, hnd=0x1c, supports READ 
    -> 'Lezyne'