How to use an android phone as a GPS receiver with GPS-less tablet using only GPL software….

.. or how to use GPS-less tablet as big screen GPS car navigation. The setup that I tested:

– tablet Sanei N10 Deluxe with Android 4.0.3

– Samsung Galaxy S2 with CyanogenMod9

The tablet has no GPS receiver, so my favourite navigation/tracking OSMAnd cannot be used directly. To solve that problem I downloaded BlueGPS for the tablet and BlueNMEA for the phone. BlueNMEA works as GPS data server, the location is transmitter over bluetooth to BlueGPS on the tablet. BlueGPS uses “mock location” function to provire real GPS location for all the software runnng on the tablet.

How to set it up?

1. Allow use “mock locations” in

Settings -> Developer Options -> Allow mock locations on the tablet.

2. Pair tablet and phone using normal bluetooth functions in

Settings -> Bluetooth

3. Start BlueGPS on tablet

4. Start BlueNMEA on the phone

5. Wait for the tablet to appear on devices list

6. As soon as the phone GPS get fix the info is passed to the tablet, so it can be used by i.e. OSMAnd or any other navigation software.

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