Open Cycling Computer will be Pi Zero W based

Pi Zero W is the new brain of the Open Cycling Computer. PiTFT 2.8″ capacitive dosn’t work out-of-the-box, but required modification are very simple.

Modifications required in /boot/config.txt

1. Uncomment dtparam=spi=on

2. Add dtoverlay=pitft28-capacitive,rotate=90,speed=32000000,fps=20

Modifications required in /boot/cmdline.txt

1. Add after rootwait (the end of line) fbcon=map:10 fbcon=font:VGA8x8 logo.nologo

That’s it! No other modifications are required.

P.S. 31-Mar-2017: Do not install adafruit kernel as it doesn’t support bluetooth/wifi on Pi Zero W yet.

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